The regeneration is complete!


I did indeed meet with the salon owner, who is planning to open a salon on the hospital site. He spoke really passionately about his hopes of developing salons within hospitals; recognising the potential boost to an individual’s recovery from a quality salon experience. The first salon has already been built, but has fallen foul of the imminent integration of adult social care; hospitals and community health care services. However, the salon owner remains optimistic that it will open towards the end of the year.

He has secured the sponsorship of L’Oreal and has patented basin systems that accommodate every size of wheelchair and drainage systems that ensure that no waste water is left sitting in the pipes. He is also determined to offer the very best quality of service and understands that it is not only about a stylist’s technical skills, but also about their ability to build rapport and tailor the way they provide their service to meet the needs of the individual.

He seemed interested in what I could offer, in terms of my skills and experience within the health service, and was open to me coming along to work alongside him in his city salon, to build on my hairdressing skills.

We parted, agreeing that we would remain in close contact and that he would keep me posted of any further developments.

Today, I spent the day working in the college salon and was encouraged to enquire about the possibility of getting financial support (an Adult Learner Loan) in order to do the Level 3 Barbering course, which would also mean that I would continue to be a student at the college and could continue to work as a Student Ambassador, perhaps 1 day per week. A member of staff from the college finance office went the extra mile to find out for me that I would be eligible for a further loan, and I submitted my application today.

What an incredible mix – to work 2 days in the small local salon, perhaps 1 or 2 days with the established, city salon and 1 day per week at the college salon, whilst attending the Barbering course 2 evenings per week!

My husband has asked me if I have accidentally found myself driving in the direction of my old work place and I am surprised at myself at how distant that all feels already, in less than just 3 weeks of me leaving – the regeneration is complete - I am now a hairdresser.