Restyle – building volume and confidence

Here’s a picture of a recent restyle for a woman whose confidence had been knocked by a sudden increase in hair loss, since using a home/box hair dye.

Following a full consultation, the client and I agreed to take the length off and add some layers, to create an inverted bob.  This lifted the hair, as there is not so much weight dragging it down, and the layering shows the colouring and fullness of her hair, in all its glory.

As the home dye had been applied over 6 weeks earlier, and there was no apparent damage to the scalp or condition of the hair, the client was advised to seek medical advice from her G.P.  We all lose around 100 hairs per day, and stressful life events, such as a bereavement or major surgery, can cause an increase in hair loss, but this will usually correct itself within a few months.  The aging process and winter months can also lead to increased hair loss, which is quite natural.  However,  a significant change in the amount of hair we lose each day can sometimes be an indicator of other health conditions, so it is a good idea to seek medical advise from you G.P.