Radio 4’s ‘Woman’s Hour’ – Why not?!


Whilst reflecting on my first 2 weeks, working within the small, local salon, confirmation of my Adult Learner Loan arrived in the post – yet another step towards it all feeling much more real. I have completed several gents’ cuts, using clippers and scissors, and will be glad of some further guidance! I have had a fair bit of practice, cutting various partners and friends’ hair over the years, but I feel that when paying money in a salon, the expectation is for a more highly tuned finish than what one might achieve with ‘domestic’ clippers, within the limited space and light of the bathroom at home!

What I am beginning to realise is that it is going to be difficult to generate a reasonable living wage as a self-employed stylist, working at the pace and giving the undivided attention that I want to be able to offer each individual. However, I am grateful for the practice and experience and know that it forms a necessary step towards the bigger picture.

It does also offer the potential space to run a small pilot programme on the day that the salon is normally closed.

In my conversations with friends and salon clients, I am hearing more stories of how daunting and intimidating the experience of entering a hair salon can be and how much they would value an approach that was mindful and able to adapt to meet their particular needs.

I have not heard anything more about the hospital-based salon, but will pursue the salon owner for an update next week and make sure that I remain in his consciousness.

Today, I also received an email from a good friend, who has been a huge inspiration and champion of my venture. Her response to my potential blog entries were to share them with Radio 4’s ‘Woman’s Hour’:

“I’m convinced it would be of interest to the programme, on many levels – personal story, but also the context and global examples – and it may attract the eye of a researcher. Raising awareness of an ‘everyday’ experience that many people find too daunting or traumatic In the conventional setting to experience is of value in itself.”

My initial thoughts were that my ideas, my journey would not warrant the interest of such an audience, but now I am thinking, why not?!