‘PEACE & Quiet’


I have just returned from a meeting with the owner of a salon in Oreston, to discuss the possibility of her taking me on as a stylist, so I may continue to hone my skills. Although it boosted my confidence no end to be taken on and to work as a stylist in the other salon, it hasn’t really offered me the range of experience I had hoped for, and it has been agreed by both sides that I bring this to an end.

I had intended to take my resume to a salon in Plymstock, as they had recently advertised for new stylists, and appear, from their website, to be more on trend with their services. However, the salon was not where I had pictured it to be and, after several attempts to track it down, I stumbled across this salon, which is very aptly called Peace, in Oreston and decided to pop my resume in to them instead.

Upon checking out their website once home, I discovered that they were also looking for stylists and so I texted the owner to express my interest and offer to come in and discuss my proposal with her in person.

Today, not only have I been offered the chance to gain more experience and build up my client base, but also the support of the salon owner in developing a specialist hairdressing service – assuming that I am able to demonstrate my hairdressing skills on a model, that is!

The salon owner shares an interest in working with people with additional needs, but lacks the time to take her ideas forward, so is keen and willing to support me in making this happen by perhaps opening the salon on a Tuesday evening and offering some ‘quiet time’.

I have booked a friend in on the 09th Oct. for a cut and blow dry, which I hope will be sufficient to prove my skills…