Getting to grips with website.


All went well with my hairdressing ‘audition’, and I joined the team at Peace Hair & Beauty on the 16th Oct. working on Tuesday afternoons initially, while I build up my client base.

The salon owner has also agreed to print up flyers, advertising a ‘PEACE & Quiet’ session at the salon on Tuesday evenings. We hope to adapt the way we provide our services, so that people who find the busy-ness and activities of a hair salon daunting and overwhelming, or would otherwise struggle to go to a hair salon, can relax and fully enjoy the experience. It will be an opportunity also for me to pilot the sort of space I would hope to encourage other salons in Plymouth to create, and begin to gather some evidence and data about the impact and value of such a space.

On the 10th Oct. I was offered the opportunity to work within my role as Student Ambassador, as a technician with the Hair and Beauty Department at the college, on a part-time, temporary basis – very welcome income, while I am building my clientele, and a chance to more fully immerse myself in the world of hair and beauty.

Today, my task is to get my website up and running – a job I have been putting off, as I am not particularly I.T. or social media savvy, but I know that I am going to have to get to grips with it all, if I want Full Head Esteem to grow.