A video about our quiet hairdressing sessions

Please take a look at the video that Toria Scawn of One20 Media has created for us.  You can find out a little bit more about our Peace & Quiet sessions with Dot, plus you can also see the bus journey from town to Peace, to help you on your journey to the salon.

Peace Hair and Beauty salon is offering 1:1 appointments to people who may find a busy salon daunting and intimidating.

This service is offered by appointment only and open to anyone who would benefit from

    • no other clients in the salon
    • not having to do the ‘small talk’
    • being able to bring objects that help them to feel more comfortable
    • not having to look at themselves in the mirror
    • having the radio on or off
  • having the 1:1 attention of someone who is not going to judge them or be scared off by difficult thoughts and feelings.

The stylist, Dot Prout, is a qualified hairdresser and has worked as an art psychotherapist for the last 18 years. She brings a rich mix of experience and transferable skills from her work within a variety of health and social care settings, to her practice as a hairdresser.