A quick update on what’s been happening, since all the media coverage!

You may or may not have seen the piece in the Plymouth Herald on the 03rd Jan https://www.plymouthherald.co.uk/news/health/pyschotherapist-using-hairdressing-skills-help-2386332?utm_source=facebook.com&utm_medium=social&utm_campaign=sharebar&fbclid=IwAR3oy_I_cIhjWHp7ofioHHXFXKY6xScyL9XAgxv5ec8zdCV8Sejw3oc5l1o, or caught the report on our local news programme, BBC Spotlight, on the 25th January https://www.facebook.com/fullheadesteem/videos/378334836319036/, but since all of this media coverage, things have really started to take shape.

I am now working as senior stylist at Stars Hair and Beauty Spa at City College Plymouth on Mondays and Fridays and am continuing to build my client base at Peace Hair and Beauty in Oreston, where I am based on Tuesday afternoons, and evenings for the Peace & Quiet sessions.

I have had lots of support for the Peace & Quiet sessions and am now beginning to get bookings from people who genuinely benefit from there being no other clients in the salon; not having to do the ‘small talk’; being able to bring objects that help them to feel more comfortable; not having to look at themselves in the mirror; having music playing, or not, and most importantly I feel, having the 1:1 attention of someone who is not going to judge them or be scared off by difficult thoughts and feelings.

I appreciate that there is only so much I can do in one evening per week, but I am keen for this space to be accessible to those people who would otherwise be/feel unable to access all of the unique benefits of going to a salon, rather than a mobile hairdresser coming to your home, and am starting to look for other salons across the city who would be willing to offer their space, in a similar way.

Jill Singh of Devon Link Up has put together a fabulous flyer, describing the Tuesday evening Peace & Quiet sessions at Peace Hair & Beauty in Oreston, which I hope will enable more people to make informed choices about whether or not this is the right service for them.

Peace and Quiet easy-read poster

One20 Media – a student led media company, has agreed to produce an informational video, familiarising people with the route from the city centre to Peace Salon in Oreston and what they will be met with when they walk through the door. I will let you know when this is available and will be sure to publish it on our website and Facebook pages.